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Meet Darwin Roman, MD

Originally published June 12, 2024

Last updated June 13, 2024

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Dr. Roman is a hematologist and medical oncologist with the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, part of Keck Medicine of USC, who provides customized treatments to patients with a variety of cancers and blood disorders.

Here’s what you won’t find on his resume.

He’s a sports aficionado and a movie buff.

“When I’m not working, I love staying active by playing sports. I like to golf, go bowling or skiing, and play tennis, pickleball and basketball.

I also enjoy watching movies, and I have reviewed more than 1,000 films on the website Letterboxd.

However, my favorite thing to do is spend quality time with my loved ones.”

More travel tops his bucket list.

“One of my goals is to visit every state in America, and I have about a dozen left on the list. My favorite state is Oklahoma because I love cheering on the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I also hope to visit St. Peter’s Square someday soon. I attended a papal audience at the Vatican and a papal mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II when I was a young child, but I don’t remember much about it so having the opportunity to experience that as an adult would be deeply gratifying.

The hardest item on my bucket list to accomplish will be to hit a hole-in-one. If this ever happens, I am prepared with a special dance routine to celebrate.”

His favorite TV show of all time is ‘The Wire.’

“While framed as a crime/police drama, ‘The Wire’ illustrates the complexities of relationships between and within institutions. The cast is phenomenal, and many of the actors — Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan, Michael K. Williams, and Amy Ryan, to name just a few — went on to have successful careers once the show had wrapped.”

Patients fuel his passion to be the best doctor possible.

“My patients have placed their trust in me to provide care for them while they are in a challenging and difficult time of their lives. This special privilege serves as a motivating factor to continuously improve all aspects of my practice.

My patients and their families are in my mind every day, and I owe it to them to ensure that no stone is left unturned in our mission to continuously improve care. Whether that’s researching the latest data for novel cancer treatments or ensuring every question and concern is answered and addressed thoroughly, I always strive to give my very best to everyone who places their trust in me.”

He believes immunotherapy has been the most impactful advancement in his field.

“The discovery and development of immunotherapy has provided us a novel way of attacking cancer. By harnessing the power of our own immune system, this therapy often leads to longer and higher-quality lives, and a greater probability of curing the patient’s cancer compared to traditional chemotherapy.”

Research opportunities inspired his decision to pursue academic medicine.

“The most encouraging and exciting clinical trials are often only available at large academic centers with reputations for strong patient care and research, like Keck Medicine of USC.”

Why he loves working at Keck Medicine of USC.

“Working at Keck Medicine of USC allows me to provide world-class medical care alongside dedicated physicians, nurses and staff. I know that my patients will have access to the best treatments available and that it will be provided by a care team whose number-one focus is patient experience.

I also deeply appreciate the multidisciplinary environment and working alongside specialists in other fields such as surgery and radiation oncology. This collaboration is necessary when coordinating complex treatment plans and serving our patients with the best care possible.”

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