Facial Laceration Repair

A facial laceration is a cut or tear in the soft tissue of your face or neck. Injuries to the face, head and neck, including lacerations, abrasions, hematomas and facial fractures, account for a large number of emergency room visits. Many of these injuries may be repaired by emergency room physicians. However, most injuries are too complicated or are located on cosmetically sensitive areas of the face and neck, and thus may not be within the scope of practice for the ER doctor.

For simple or complex facial laceration cases, patients should be treated by a specialist with dedicated training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Our highly trained surgeons have specialty training in closing lacerations, and they are also trained to minimize scar formation to return the face to its natural appearance.

Who is a candidate for facial laceration repair?

Any patient with facial trauma, fractures of nasal and facial bones, or lacerations may be a candidate for repair by an experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Our team will work with you to help determine the best course of action that will deliver the most appealing results.

What is the recovery like from facial laceration repair?

Most facial lacerations may be repaired under local anesthesia in our office or in the emergency room. Sedation or general anesthesia may be required if the injury is complicated or requires significant time to repair.

We only practice the most state-of-the-art techniques and use a variety of treatment modalities to resolve any function or cosmetic impairment. Scarring will be almost invisible in appearance. More complicated deformities may require a series of separate treatments.

The recovery period for facial laceration repair is highly variable. Recovery time is dependent on the type and extent of the injury. Most facial lacerations require suture for repair. Sutures are removed within about one week. Activity may be restricted during this time. At your consultation, your surgeon will discuss the most appropriate treatment options, answer any questions, and explain expectations for recovery.

Facial laceration repair of the face and neck is an art. Those patients considering laceration repair should carefully evaluate their surgeon’s credentials and training. As a result of prior lacerations or broken bones, patients may have noticeable scarring or difficulty breathing through the nose. Our elite surgeons have the expertise to offer patients the best cosmetic result while protecting proper function and movement of their face, nose and neck.